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O’Finnigan’s Pub, an Authentic Irish Bar for Your Boozy Best Times

O’Finnigan’s Pub, an Authentic Irish Bar for Your Boozy Best Times

O’Finnigan’s Pub, an authentic Irish bar near Lynnwood, is why you could celebrate and where you should celebrate. Nothing to celebrate? You can start with appreciation for our daily drink specials, throw some confetti up for our karaoke nights, and sing praise from the rooftops for our billiards room and lounge.

With authentic Irish culture comes authentic Irish charm, so you can expect our bartenders, servers, and staff to be friendly, sassy, and witty. They can throw down Irish brogue with the best of them, so sit down at the bar for a night of drinks and good chatter from staff and patrons alike.

What’s on the O’Finnigan’s Pub Menu?

We even have a fantastic pub-style menu with some of your foodie favorites, which is a great reason to celebrate. Our most appetizing classics include polish sausage on a bun, mini corndogs and fries, the Diablo burger, the Bacon Jack burger, and our crispy fish sandwich.

Everything on our menu is patted, melted, battered, fried, grilled, tossed, chopped, buttered, and perfectly served right from our pub kitchen. We even offer a plate of homemade crunch tortilla chips with piled-high cheeses, onions, tomatoes, and all the toppings for our rendition of Irish nachos. It goes perfectly with a pint!

Bring Your Buddies for a Night of Fun!

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, there’s no reason not to have a great time. Bring your friends down for a round of darts or 8-ball pool in the games lounge. Check out our song selection to (drunkenly) belt out a few off-key tunes to the applause of our patrons. Sling back a few of our delicious Jell-O shooters, which are shamrock green when Saint Patrick’s Day rolls around.

The only end to the fun at O’Finnigan’s Pub is when you have to leave. But there’s always tomorrow night! Come down to an authentic Irish bar near Lynnwood. Or call us at (425) 745-4805 with any questions!

Sing Your Heart Out with Good Booze and Great Friends at O’Finnigan’s Pub in Everett!

Sing Your Heart Out with Good Booze and Great Friends at O’Finnigan’s Pub in Everett!

When you’ve had a stressful week, there’s nothing better than cruising the bars with your buddies. But where can you go for the best booze and good times? O’Finnigan’s Pub in Everett, of course. It’s an authentic Irish pub that offers the best smarmy camaraderie and delicious brews, sure to make you happily tipsy. Did we mention that there are live DJs and karaoke nights? Take a sip of liquid courage, peruse the menu of songs, and sing your heart out to a room of cheers from buzzed strangers. Every note will sound like sweet golden honey when you strap your beer goggles on. Be sure to throw in a few smooth dance moves for good measure!

Who can you bring for good booze and great times at O’Finnigan’s Pub? We can’t help you with who to bring… but we can guarantee that you may leave with a few more friends, especially if you buy a couple of rounds for anyone sitting at the bar. We are all about friendliness and getting to know one another. Our bartenders have just the right amount of classic Irish sass, and we pride ourselves on remembering our patrons’ minute details. So, pull up a stool and make new friends. You don’t necessarily have to arrive with old ones.

What Else Can You Expect at O’Finnigan’s Pub?

O’Finnigan’s Pub has a yummy menu of classic American bar fare and a few Irish dishes. Slam down a few appetizers, like miniature corndogs, chicken cordon bleu bites, or onion rings, or take on the Diablo Burger. It’s a spicy, juicy 1/3-pound Angus beef burger topped with Pepper Jack cheeses, house-made spicy aioli, peppered bacon, and jalapenos.

O’Finnigan’s Pub in Everett is an authentic Irish pub with a cozy, classic “pub” feel. Questions about our specials, events, or menu? Call us at (425) 745-4805 for more info!

The One and Only Irish Bar and Pub to Grace the Lynwood Area with Good Food and Better Drinks

The One and Only Irish Bar and Pub to Grace the Lynwood Area with Good Food and Better Drinks

Are you stressed from working all week? Need some downtime by yourself or with some friends? There’s no harm in heading to O’Finnigan’s Pub, an Irish bar and pub. Located near Lynnwood, there’s no better place for good food and great beers, with a few extras, like billiards, mixed drinks, and live DJ or karaoke nights. Regardless of what you choose to do at O’Finnigan’s, the point is relaxation and fun. You can unwind from a stressful workweek, take your time imbibing with a few locals and good people, and get your mind right for what comes after the weekend.

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, our main aim is to help you destress with a positive atmosphere. You can booze and schmooze or drink and think, then snack on one in our selection of delicious foods, like homemade mozzarella sticks, chicken cordon bleu bites, and buffalo wings with a side of ranch or bleu cheese dressings. We also offer daily happy hour specials, while appetizers are half-price every day from 4 pm to 6 pm. In the mood for something more substantial than an appetizer? Have a taste of our fresh-made entrees, like a bacon jack burger, grilled cheese sandwiches, or a Reuben with seasoned fries and tater tots.

Not Into Weekday Drinking? O’Finnigan’s Pub is Open on the Weekends!

Did we mention that happy hour is all day on Sundays? Another reason to love O’Finnigan’s Pub is that we are open seven days a week, so you never have to miss a special. There are two billiard lounges, each with pool tables and dart boards. You can challenge someone to a quick game or two. Or sit back and watch the action between competitors while you sip some brew.

Need something to do tonight? Come down to O’Finnigan’s Pub, an Irish bar and pub located near Lynnwood. Questions? Call us at (425) 745-4805 for answers!

How Live Music and DJs Make a Positive Impact on Your Mood During Pub Time!

How Live Music and DJs Make a Positive Impact on Your Mood During Pub Time!

5 o’clock rolls around, and your workday finally draws to a close. You. Are. Exhausted. You are worn out and could use a beverage to start your weekend off right. It’s time to head over to O’Finnigan’s Pub near Everett, where you can listen to live music, enjoy the sound of DJ jams, and get buzzed on good brews. We are the kind of bar where you don’t go to drown your workday sorrows. Instead, come here for our positive impact on your spirits with our authentic Irish sass and boozy charms.

Live music is one of the things we pride ourselves on at O’Finnigan’s Pub. Why? Because something is uplifting about jamming out to local bands or a DJ that knows what they’re doing with good tracks. We even offer karaoke nights, where you and your friends can jump up to belt out your favorite tunes. Sip some liquid courage, talk the DJ into the song of your choice, and be met with applause from staff and fellow patrons at the end of your set. Because we’re nothing if not encouraging of good times, regardless of if you can carry a tune or not.

What Else Can You Find at O’Finnigan’s Pub?

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we offer happy hour specials, delicious made-to-order pub foods, and a pool and billiards lounge. You can invite your work buddies for a cold beer and some 8-ball pool. Or you can try your hand at classic darts after you’ve got a good buzz on from one of our handcrafted cocktails.

Food? Yep, you read that right. Our buffalo wings go down best with an ice-cold pint. Or you can nosh on something more substantial, like our fish n’ chips, loaded nachos, or whopping cheese quesadillas. All while you sip some drinks and vibe to live music. Call (425) 745-4805 for an event and schedule info at O’Finnigan’s Pub in Everett.

Come Check Out the Best Irish Bar and Pub in Everett!

ome Check Out the Best Irish Bar and Pub in Everett!

It’s been a long day working and running around like a crazy chicken. You’re mentally exhausted, physically meh, and need somewhere to unwind with good booze. Where do you go? O’Finnigan’s Pub is the best Irish bar and pub in Everett, and we can say that with the utmost confidence. Of course, we are biased, but you could always take the plunge and come in for a nightcap. The best experience is firsthand, after all.

There’s something about refreshing drinks, karaoke, or billiards that takes the edge off a busy day. Bring your friends with you. Or come in alone and wile away the hours with strangers and our bartenders. Make new friends with everyone here, become a regular, then get in on the banter whenever you want. We joke with you because we love seeing you!

Aside from booze and buddies, we at O’Finnigan’s Pub take pride in our sarcasm and wit. We offer an authentic Irish pub experience, which means we jab, make fun, and tell light-hearted jokes to get a giggle from our customers. Our words are never meant to be mean-spirited, so expect some smarmy, snarky conversation when you come in for some yummy brews.

If You Love Music, O’Finnigan’s Pub is the Place to Be

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we always have something cool going on. Our schedule is ever-changing from one month to another, and you’ll find karaoke and live music with old-school DJs on certain nights. Want to know when? Check our website for an updated monthly schedule and any theme nights.

When you need a fun place to unwind after a long day, there’s nothing better than O’Finnigan’s Pub. As the best Irish bar and pub in Everett, we take our role seriously as your go-to place for good brews and good times. Call us at (425) 745-4805 for more info!

The Best Place for Happy Hour Specials and Good Times Near Lynnwood

The Best Place for Happy Hour Specials and Good Times Near Lynnwood

Lynnwood often includes the hustle and bustle of business where every commuter seems to be in a hurry. But when the workday ends, where does everyone go for happy hour specials and good times? O’Finnigan’s Pub, of course.

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we offer old-world Irish sarcasm coupled with great brews, billiards, and karaoke. Which are all the trappings for a good time. Toss in a few friends from work or home, and you’ve got raucous laughter, good-natured ribbings, and the drinks just keep coming.

We know how challenging your busy days can be, especially when it comes to work and business. We run this one, so we’re well aware of the upsides and downsides of being business owners and workers. Come in, take a seat, order some Guinness, and spill your guts to our attentive servers and bartenders. Or bring in some work buds for a round of karaoke, where you can sing your woes away, and we can all have a laugh over your offkey tunes.

Ireland is known for its people of wit, brogue, and charm, which is everything you’ll find at O’Finnigan’s Pub. Our billiards offer entertainment for when you need some downtime without singing your heart out. Play a couple of rounds of 8-ball with friends or strangers, get to know someone over a rousing game of darts, or chill out on a barstool and watch the fun. It’s all about how you choose to relax. Dance, laugh, drink… be merry.

Learn More About O’Finnigan’s Pub with a Call!

Some people will tell you just to come on in, and we at O’Finnigan’s Pub encourage you to come to check us out. However, if you want to learn more about our pub and happy hour specials, check out our website or call us at (425) 745-4805 to learn more about our locale near Lynnwood.

Stop by the Best Karaoke Bar in Everett to Belt Out a Few Off-Key Tunes!

Stop by the Best Karaoke Bar in Everett to Belt Out a Few Off-Key Tunes!Do you sing in the shower? Do you belt out tunes in the car, even at red lights, when everyone can watch? Are you the kind of person that serenades your friends and loved ones with goofy theatrical renditions of their favorite songs? Then O’Finnigan’s Pub, a karaoke bar in Everett, is the place for you!

We love off-key melodies and have plenty of liquid courage to get you on stage to croon your version of some of the classics. Could you give us a taste of your musical talents?

The great thing about karaoke is… you don’t have to be any good at singing or dancing or being an entertainer. Having the courage to get up there and sing anyways that’s the kind of spirit and confidence we love at O’Finnigan’s. Need help picking a song? Give our crowd the option to pick what they want to hear. You never know what kind of groovy track you’ll wind up with.

Our O’Finnigan’s regulars are sarcastic, friendly folks, so you can expect encouragement and support while you warble. There will be shouts, cheers, applause… you may even find yourself with a new pair of knickers thrown your way if our local lasses get too brave. It’s all in good fun!

Karaoke Can Be a Confidence Boost and a Great Memory Maker Between Friends

The atmosphere is cheery, classic, and close when you go out for a night at O’Finnigan’s with your friends. You want a good time and must make memories with your buddies. Or at least “try” to make memories between the rounds of booze. That’s where karaoke comes in.

If a karaoke bar in Everett isn’t your jam, we at O’Finnigan’s offer more, like live DJs and music, billiards, delicious homecooked pub snacks and meals, and Irish beer that’ll knock your socks off. Call us at (425) 745-4805 for more info!

If You Love Live Music and Good Times, Get to Know O’Finnigan’s Pub Near Lynnwood!

If You Love Live Music and Good Times, Get to Know O’Finnigan’s Pub Near Lynnwood!

Do you love listening to good tunes while you guzzle great brews? O’Finnigan’s Pub is an authentic Irish pub, offering you good times in a pint glass. We bring Irish charm as one of the leading DJ and live music bars and pubs near Lynnwood. So, grab your mates, tell your lass or lad to not wait up, and come down for your favorite tunes, a little crude humor, and a free flow of delicious drinks into the wee hours.

Sarcasm and jokes are part of our charm, and we have those in abundance. Our bartenders are well-versed in hilarious brogue to give you a chuckle, and boy, oh boy, can they pour a good ale. We are the kind of pub where you can have fun while you drink away the long week. Start your weekend with us!

In addition to light-hearted jabs about your choice in beers, we offer karaoke nights, plenty of happy house specials, and loads of pool and billiards in a comfy lounge. Shoot a few rounds of eight-ball or play a new friend in a game of darts. Make it even more fun with some tipsy shots to feel the buzz.

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, you have a good chance of getting snookered, and a better chance of having a lot of fun. Our barstools are comfortable for long hours on your bum, and we always have a countdown to Saint Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns are welcome but bring your pot o’ gold!

Any Questions? Give O’Finnigan’s a Buzz!

Curious as to where we are exactly? Any questions about our live entertainment that you can’t find on our website? Call O’Finnigans, a leader in DJ and live music bars and pubs near Lynnwood (425) 745-4805. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions to ensure you feel safe, secure, and ready for good drinks, good music, and good times.

O’Finnigan’s Pub: The Place to Be for Good Drinks and Fun Times with Great Friends

O’Finnigan’s Pub: The Place to Be for Good Drinks and Fun Times with Great Friends

O’Finnigan’s Pub, a pool and billiards lounge near Lynnwood, has an amazing reputation as the go-to place for good drinks and fun times. Throw in a few great friends, and you have an even better reason to go! Come and check us out!

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, you can rely on a fantastic menu of appetizers and entrees and some of the best brews on this side of Lynnwood. We offer a classic, sassy Irish atmosphere with a bit of crude humor and sarcasm tossed in for good measure. But it’s all light-hearted, and it’s all in good fun.

Could it be a boozy weekend? Do you need a reason to celebrate with drinks? How about simply celebrating being alive and in good spirits? Even if you’re in a bad mood, we can help uplift your mood with our special blend of Irish brews and good times. Billiards? Shoot some pool, play some darts, and belt out some of your favorite karaoke jams.

There’s Never a Bad Time to Have a Good Time!

Okay, so you have adult responsibilities, and we understand that some things take precedence over having a good time. But when you are ready to loosen your necktie and strengthen your friendships, we are here to help you have the best time possible.

With O’Finnigan’s Pub, you have fun and entertainment ahead. There are no expectations and no responsibilities, so you can let loose and forget about your adult obligations for a little while. For more information about our pool and billiards lounge near Lynnwood, call us at (425) 745-4805. We are here to serve you!

When You’re in a Singing Mood, Head to O’Finnigan’s Pub for Some Sweet Karaoke Tunes!

When You’re in a Singing Mood, Head to O’Finnigan’s Pub for Some Sweet Karaoke Tunes!

Sometimes you want to gather your friends and head to a karaoke bar in Lynnwood for great drinks, lots of laughs, and sweet tunes. At O’Finnigan’s Pub, it doesn’t matter how bad you are at singing your favorite songs. We encourage you to take center stage to belt out the best hits in our collection. It’s all in great fun, and that’s exactly the kind of good time we offer here.

Some people get too wrapped up in what others think, but we encourage and support everyone at O’Finnigan’s Pub. We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed. We want you to feel like you can sing to your heart’s content, act like a real rockstar, and rouse the crowd for an encore round of drinks and music. Make friends, let loose, and have fun! No worries here.

Not a Singer? That’s Okay! Just Listen and Have Something Good to Eat with Your Favorite Beverage!

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we believe in Irish humor and good drink with a side of good-natured sarcasm. Alongside a pint of Guinness, you could enjoy one of our tasty menu selections, like homemade mozzarella sticks, French bread cheese pizza, loaded nachos with house-made guac, and (our Irish must-have) the Reuben with house-cured corned beef.

After your belly’s full, check out our games room and pool lounge. You can “rack ’em’ up” for a game of 3-ball or 8-ball with your friends. Or challenge friends and foes to a few famous Irish drinking games, which our bartenders would be happy to suggest. Don’t forget to check out our live entertainment!

O’Finnigan’s Pub Welcomes You!

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we encourage you to eat, drink and be merry in true Irish fashion. Show us your skills at our pub and karaoke bar in Lynnwood! Call (425) 745-4805 with any questions!


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
Please book below.