Come Check Out the Best Irish Bar and Pub in Everett!

Come Check Out the Best Irish Bar and Pub in Everett!

ome Check Out the Best Irish Bar and Pub in Everett!

It’s been a long day working and running around like a crazy chicken. You’re mentally exhausted, physically meh, and need somewhere to unwind with good booze. Where do you go? O’Finnigan’s Pub is the best Irish bar and pub in Everett, and we can say that with the utmost confidence. Of course, we are biased, but you could always take the plunge and come in for a nightcap. The best experience is firsthand, after all.

There’s something about refreshing drinks, karaoke, or billiards that takes the edge off a busy day. Bring your friends with you. Or come in alone and wile away the hours with strangers and our bartenders. Make new friends with everyone here, become a regular, then get in on the banter whenever you want. We joke with you because we love seeing you!

Aside from booze and buddies, we at O’Finnigan’s Pub take pride in our sarcasm and wit. We offer an authentic Irish pub experience, which means we jab, make fun, and tell light-hearted jokes to get a giggle from our customers. Our words are never meant to be mean-spirited, so expect some smarmy, snarky conversation when you come in for some yummy brews.

If You Love Music, O’Finnigan’s Pub is the Place to Be

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we always have something cool going on. Our schedule is ever-changing from one month to another, and you’ll find karaoke and live music with old-school DJs on certain nights. Want to know when? Check our website for an updated monthly schedule and any theme nights.

When you need a fun place to unwind after a long day, there’s nothing better than O’Finnigan’s Pub. As the best Irish bar and pub in Everett, we take our role seriously as your go-to place for good brews and good times. Call us at (425) 745-4805 for more info!


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
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