Have Fun at O’Finnigan’s Irish Pub!

Have Fun at O’Finnigan’s Irish Pub!

Have Fun at O’Finnigan’s Irish Pub!

You deserve a simple, stress-free weekend. One where you can drink a pint of good beer with a few good friends, indulge in good pub food, and play a couple of rounds of pool or billiards. At O’Finnigan’s Pub, an authentic karaoke bar and Irish pub in Everett, we offer all the trappings for an easygoing weekend after a strenuous, stressful work week.

Did We Say Karaoke? You Betcha!

If you’ve ever wanted to belt out your favorite tunes to the applause of strangers, O’Finnigan’s Pub is the place to do just that. Knock back shots of liquid courage, pick a title from our list of popular hits, then sing your heart out… or try to. Good or off-key, you’ve got the floor, and our patrons are happy to cheer you from the comforts of our barstools. You may even get a standing ovation and requests for an encore!

Need even better news? …We have a HUGE song list, which means you could sing a new song every night and never run out of options!

Let’s be clear – you don’t have to be an American Idol contender to get applause and praise at O’Finnigan’s Pub. We are all good people having good times with good food, brews, and entertainment. No need to be worried or anxious, but we are happy to give you a potent cocktail if you need a little motivation to get onstage.

Not Into Singing? Come By for Our Live DJ Instead!

We employ one of the best local DJs in the area – so good that they’ll have you dancing to a selection of songs to make you feel happy and stress-free. Drain a few of our homemade Jell-O shots, find a dance partner, and boog down to a playlist of beats you’ll love.

You’ll have a blast at O’Finnigan’s, an authentic karaoke bar and Irish pub in Everett! Call (425) 745-4805 to check out our entertainment schedule.


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
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