Irish Vibes at the Best Pub in Everett

Irish Vibes at the Best Pub in Everett

Irish Vibes at the Best Pub in Everett

Welcome to O’Finnigan’s Pub, where the spirit of Ireland meets the warmth of community in the heart of Everett. As the best Irish pub and bar in town, we offer a relaxing atmosphere where you can grab a drink and experience laughter, live music, and camaraderie.

Combine the cozy charm of an Irish pub with the welcoming ambiance of a local watering hole. From the warm lighting to the classic wooden furnishings, every detail is designed to evoke the feel of a traditional Irish pub.

Crafted Brews and Spirits

No Irish pub experience is complete without a selection of finely crafted brews and spirits. O’Finnigan’s Pub takes pride in offering a diverse array of beers on tap, including a variety of Irish stouts, ales, and lagers. The bar is also stocked with an impressive collection of spirits, ensuring that every visit is an opportunity to savor the best of Irish libations.

Live Music and DJ Sessions

Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of live music at O’Finnigan’s. From traditional Irish folk songs to contemporary hits, the stage comes alive with talented musicians who set the perfect backdrop for an evening of entertainment. The live music sessions capture the spirit of Ireland, creating an atmosphere that encourages patrons to tap their feet and join in the merriment.

Hearty Fare for While You Drink

No Irish pub experience is complete without hearty, flavorful dishes. O’Finnigan’s menu features a selection of Irish and American-inspired fare that pays homage to traditional flavors.

For those in search of Irish vibes in Everett, we at O’Finnigan’s Pub stand as the epitome of authentic charm, warm hospitality, and a true taste of Ireland. Come for the drinks, stay for the music, and leave with unforgettable memories from the best Irish bar and pub anywhere. Looking for more info on our live events? Call us at (425) 745-4805!


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
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