Stop by the Best Karaoke Bar in Everett to Belt Out a Few Off-Key Tunes!

Stop by the Best Karaoke Bar in Everett to Belt Out a Few Off-Key Tunes!

Stop by the Best Karaoke Bar in Everett to Belt Out a Few Off-Key Tunes!Do you sing in the shower? Do you belt out tunes in the car, even at red lights, when everyone can watch? Are you the kind of person that serenades your friends and loved ones with goofy theatrical renditions of their favorite songs? Then O’Finnigan’s Pub, a karaoke bar in Everett, is the place for you!

We love off-key melodies and have plenty of liquid courage to get you on stage to croon your version of some of the classics. Could you give us a taste of your musical talents?

The great thing about karaoke is… you don’t have to be any good at singing or dancing or being an entertainer. Having the courage to get up there and sing anyways that’s the kind of spirit and confidence we love at O’Finnigan’s. Need help picking a song? Give our crowd the option to pick what they want to hear. You never know what kind of groovy track you’ll wind up with.

Our O’Finnigan’s regulars are sarcastic, friendly folks, so you can expect encouragement and support while you warble. There will be shouts, cheers, applause… you may even find yourself with a new pair of knickers thrown your way if our local lasses get too brave. It’s all in good fun!

Karaoke Can Be a Confidence Boost and a Great Memory Maker Between Friends

The atmosphere is cheery, classic, and close when you go out for a night at O’Finnigan’s with your friends. You want a good time and must make memories with your buddies. Or at least “try” to make memories between the rounds of booze. That’s where karaoke comes in.

If a karaoke bar in Everett isn’t your jam, we at O’Finnigan’s offer more, like live DJs and music, billiards, delicious homecooked pub snacks and meals, and Irish beer that’ll knock your socks off. Call us at (425) 745-4805 for more info!

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