Jason De Nike

Mondays and Thursday’s have my favorite specials, they just put brand new felt on the pool tables and karaoke is a blast.

Jacob Wolf

Nice and attentive wait staff. Cool atmosphere.

Andrew Dunham

Tim and Serena are amazing! Great place to sing karaoke, grab some cold drinks and chill! Thanks O”Finns for being one of the best bars I’ve had the pleasure of entering.

Carol Hising

Great food! Fun bartenders! Lots of entertainment! From darts and pool! Too pull tabs and shenanigans!! To crazy fun karaoke!
It was the best time!

Do it!

There should be nothing on your mind except fun and once you enter O’Finnigans bar Everett WA, this is the only thing you will be able to do, have fun and loads of it. We will make sure that you will have plenty of choices to choose from too…

Beth Buckley

Bars are supposed to be places for people to have plenty of fun at them. This means being able to enjoy a good time and also spending that time in a place that has basically everything and anything you need in order to get rid of all your stress and worries.


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
Please book below.