The Best Place for Happy Hour Specials and Good Times Near Lynnwood

The Best Place for Happy Hour Specials and Good Times Near Lynnwood

Lynnwood often includes the hustle and bustle of business where every commuter seems to be in a hurry. But when the workday ends, where does everyone go for happy hour specials and good times? O’Finnigan’s Pub, of course.

At O’Finnigan’s Pub, we offer old-world Irish sarcasm coupled with great brews, billiards, and karaoke. Which are all the trappings for a good time. Toss in a few friends from work or home, and you’ve got raucous laughter, good-natured ribbings, and the drinks just keep coming.

We know how challenging your busy days can be, especially when it comes to work and business. We run this one, so we’re well aware of the upsides and downsides of being business owners and workers. Come in, take a seat, order some Guinness, and spill your guts to our attentive servers and bartenders. Or bring in some work buds for a round of karaoke, where you can sing your woes away, and we can all have a laugh over your offkey tunes.

Ireland is known for its people of wit, brogue, and charm, which is everything you’ll find at O’Finnigan’s Pub. Our billiards offer entertainment for when you need some downtime without singing your heart out. Play a couple of rounds of 8-ball with friends or strangers, get to know someone over a rousing game of darts, or chill out on a barstool and watch the fun. It’s all about how you choose to relax. Dance, laugh, drink… be merry.

Learn More About O’Finnigan’s Pub with a Call!

Some people will tell you just to come on in, and we at O’Finnigan’s Pub encourage you to come to check us out. However, if you want to learn more about our pub and happy hour specials, check out our website or call us at (425) 745-4805 to learn more about our locale near Lynnwood.

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