Add Our Pool and Billiards Lounge to Your Roster of Weekend Stops!

Add Our Pool and Billiards Lounge to Your Roster of Weekend Stops!

Add Our Pool and Billiards Lounge to Your Roster of Weekend Stops!

Same stuff, different day. That’s how most people describe their weekdays, especially workdays. And many are waiting for the weekends when they can let loose and enjoy a few hours of fun and freedom. Why not add a pool and billiards lounge to your roster this weekend… and every weekend thereafter? We at O’Finnigan’s Pub in Lynnwood are always excited to serve our patrons friendly banter, good food, and better booze. Our pool and billiards lounge is perfect for meeting your mates, imbibing a little, and challenging others to a few rounds of 8-ball and darts.

You don’t need a reason to want to unwind on the weekends, so tell your friends where you’ll be—the more, the merrier, as they say. And we at O’Finnigan’s Pub have plenty of authentic Irish charm, sass, and wit to go around!

Are you looking for good grub too? At O’Finnigan’s Pub, you can count on bar favorites and fresh classics, all delicious and prepared in-house. Appetizers, salads and entrees, and burgers and sandwiches are some of our specialties, all good served with a selection of cocktails and brews. Need the perfect pairing of liquor and food? Ask our bartenders and servers for suggestions. Everyone has something different that they love about our bar and kitchen. Our advice? Don’t miss out on the nachos!

O’Finnigan’s Pub Has Lots to Going On!

The great thing about O’Finnigan’s Pub is that we always have something new and exciting. From daily specials on your favorite cocktails and beers to karaoke nights, live music events, and DJs, we keep weekends (and weekdays) interesting. Are you looking for fun on your days off? Come down to O’Finnigan’s Pub, a Lynnwood pool and billiards lounge, to see what all the hype is about. For more info on daily specials and weekend happenings, call us at (425) 745-4805.


We offer reservations for parties of 2 to 6 guests for The Happiest Hour.
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